Research Groups

HERGA has a research working group that coordinates a number of research avenues and initiatives amongst our HERGA community. Research groups create interdisciplinary research opportunities; connecting like-minded academics, practitioners and researchers interested in investigating particular areas of learning and teaching.

Our research groups welcome new members or inquiries. Please contact the research group leaders for more information.

HERGA Research and Mentoring Initiative

We will be running a series of mentor-facilitated writing groups as part of this year’s research and mentoring activities. The overall goal is to write a series of journal articles that will be published in a special edition of the journal ERGO. There are 7 themes each facilitated by a HERGA member who is experienced in that area.

All HERGA members are eligible to apply, regardless of level of research experience or expertise. Each group will consist of 5 members.

Groups will come together on Tuesday September 26th as part of the HERGA annual conference. A half day afternoon workshop at Flinders city campus in Victoria square will bring groups together, focus on how their project will run and how groups will coordinate interaction.Groups will continue working independently once ideas have been formalized during the workshop.

We encourage both well-established education researchers and particularly new researchers in the area to join us in this initiative.

The 7 topics are:

  1. Education-focused academics – what is their role in higher education?  Facilitator: Karen Burke da Silva, Flinders University
  2. Flipped Learning: Generating research questions and papers. Facilitator: Peter Balan, UniSA
  3. The role and effectiveness of technology in education? Facilitator: Edward Palmer, University of Adelaide
  4. The development of discipline-specific and interdisciplinary research skills in the curriculum. Facilitator; John Willison, University of Adelaide
  5. How would assessment programmes truly value the agentic learner? Facilitators Lambert Schuwirth, Lisa Schmidt, Flinders University
  6. Teaching sensitive subject matters: Strategies for student learning and wellbeing. Facilitator: Mary Heath, Flinders University
  7. Engaging students and teachers in a culture of blended learning. Facilitators Sophie Karanicolas, Cathy Snelling, University of Adelaide

How can I sign up?

If you would like to participate in one of the writing groups please go to this website and fill in the required questions.  We will try to accommodate everyone who is interested but cannot promise that you will get into your most preferred group.  To help facilitate and organize groups please let us know a little bit about your interests in the space provided.