HERGA Conference 2024:

Learning and Teaching in an AI World

Tuesday 24 September 2024

City West, University of South Australia


In today’s rapidly growing technological society and especially the advent of artificial intelligence over the last few years, we need to understand the impact and opportunities in the community. In particular, the investment in education for the use and capability in society, and what forms of teaching and learning will be effective for students and how we can best support their learning through technology. This year HERGA is interested in exploring our teaching and learning practices with a focus on artificial intelligence and its impact across the entire spectrum of higher education for both staff and students across all areas of learning and teaching. This may range from effective usage and effects in administration, supporting learning activities, course design, research into capabilities, governance and infrastructure, innovation in teaching, work integrated learning and assessment.

Main themes:

  • AI-enhanced learning
  • How AI changes the teaching and learning activities in higher education
  • Theories supporting the practical use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Innovative approaches in teaching and learning
  • Assessment
  • Authentic Learning and building Inclusive Education

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Conference Registration

Registration to the conference is free for members of the HERGA partner organisations (UniSA, Flinders University, University of Adelaide, TAFE SA, Tabor College) – but there are limited tickets so be sure to register via the link below.

For other registrations, the cost is $150.00.

Preliminary Conference Program

Pre-Conference Workshop

Monday Sepember 23, 2-5pm

UniSA City West, H6-03

Assessments, agents, and AI: Taking control of AI in education

Professor Danny Liu (University of Sydney)

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll look at two practical hot topics around AI in education: what to do about assessments, and how we might take control of AI through ‘agents’ to support learning. We will explore the implications of different AI tools on assessment, and consider how we might approach assessment redesign to balance authentic engagement with generative AI whilst assuring learning outcomes. We will also design and build our own AI agents and consider how these ‘doubles’ of ourselves might be used in a range of pedagogical contexts and help to augment and even redefine how students learn.

Keynote Presentation:

Present realities and future strategies: Practical ways forward with generative AI

Professor Danny Liu (University of Sydney)

Anxious about generative AI? You’re in good company – I am too. Join in as we explore the fast-moving space of generative AI and its implications for teaching, learning, and assessment. We’ll consider the current state of the technology and its capabilities, dig into what makes it tick, and how we might support and assure learning while leveraging AI. We will also think bigger and discuss the opportunity space opened by generative AI, ponder what we want students to learn, and then land on what we need to do at different levels of the institution to productively and responsibly engage with it.


Professor Danny Liu

A molecular biologist by training, programmer by night, researcher and academic developer by day, and educator at heart, Danny is passionate about student engagement, infusing technology in learning & teaching, the first year experience, learning analytics, and really anything where students are the focus. He works at the confluence of educational technology, student engagement, artificial intelligence, learning analytics, pedagogical research, organisational leadership, and professional development. He is currently a Professor in the Educational Innovation team in the DVC (Education) Portfolio at the University of Sydney, and ha received a number of awards for his work.

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